CAMCAD believes in providing the best solutions to each and every customer by exceeding customer expectations with exceptional quality, on time delivery, reliability and world-class support.  Our goal is to provide solutions that ease operational issues and provide effective ROI to each and every customer and client.


For over two decades, CAMCAD Technologies has built a reputation for delivering innovative and proven manufacturing solutions – in fact, ask around, no problem has ever been a problem we couldn’t solve.   We love the challenge, but even more, we get great satisfaction providing finished solutions that ensure increased productivity and profitability to each and every client.

Aside from effective and proven solutions, providing “award winning” and ongoing support is at the core of our operations.  We are knowledgeable, available, and go out of our way to ensure you have all the solutions you need to best implement your manufacturing processes.

Our signature product, SURFCAM, provides programming software for two thru five axes machining. CAMCAD provides training, consulting, contract programming, edit-free post processors.

CAMCAD continually catapults companies to their next level of productivity.


More than 100 years of leadership experience in manufacturing, IT and software development describes the CAMCAD team.

Meet the Leadership Team:


Alison Wildblood, CEO and Co-owner, manages the company’s overall sales, marketing and administrative activities. Alison brings to CAMCAD, a successful sales and management background from the defense, aerospace, military, and government industries. Previously working with EVB Consulting, Inc., she made presentations at conferences and high-level software engineering meetings for both NASA and NORAD, including a briefing with engineers developing the StarWars project.

Alison served as a reseller of SolidEdge CAD software for two years; worked with Ada Software for three years and spent five years in sales, management and training in the insurance industry.

Alison earned her Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from the College of Wooster in Ohio.


Don McKillop, Founder and Chief Technical Officer (CTO), has over 40 years of experience in manufacturing and software technology. Over the last 20 plus years, Don has grown CAMCAD Technologies, Inc. to be a respected player in the manufacturing industry – consistently being ranked as a “Top 10 Reseller of SURFCAM”, both domestically and internationally.

Don has earned the reputation of a unique problem solver, due to his ability to provide customized solutions to the most challenging manufacturing problems. Prior to founding CAMCAD, McKillop was CAM product manager for MDSI, Applicon, ComputerVision, and Automation Intelligence, Inc., where he interfaced with Fortune 500 manufacturers.

Don attained his Journeyman Tool & Die designation during an apprenticeship at Ford Motor Company in Detroit.


Darin Weatherbee, Operations and Customer Support Manager, has been with CAMCAD since 1997. Originally serving as CAMCAD’s Information Technology (IT) Specialist. Darin brings a diverse technical management background, including quality control for both the medical and automotive industries.

Darin’s in-depth knowledge and understanding of SURFCAM, Predator Software, and various other hardware and software technologies, gives him a competitive edge when it comes to handling client support. In 2014, Darin was honored with SURFCAM’s first Outstanding Customer Service Award.

Darin is also highly qualified in the implementation and management of technologies including everything from LAN, Internet, DataBase, SIMs, Web, Predator DNC installations and front line customer service/troubleshooting.

Darin is a Microsoft certified Server Specialist.


Mark Zalewski, Senior Manufacturing Consultant, has over 30 years experience with CAM software, and has served in supervisory and management roles for several manufacturing companies. Mark has worked with CAMCAD since 1993, and is an expert in SolidWorks design, SURFCAM Multi-axis part programming, FAROArm reverse engineering, tool selection, fixture design, surface modeling, troubleshooting and training.

Mark earned his Mechanical Engineering degree from the highly regarding Gdansk University of Technology in Poland.


CAMCAD Technologies has consistently been one of SURFCAM’s top sales and support resellers, earning the Domestic Dealer of the Year award for both 2009 and 2011.

While winning awards is not our top priority, the awards just keep coming!   Here are a few of the Awards received:

  • NASA Small Business of the Year – 1996
  • McDonnell Douglas Small Business of the Year – 1996
  • Charter Member of Surfware’s Five Star Dealer Council – 1998
  • SURFCAM’s Domestic Dealer of the Year – 2009 & 2011
  • Numerous SURFCAM Dealer of the Month Awards – 1992 through 2014.
  • SURFCAM Outstanding Customer Service Award – 2014