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CNC Editor edits G-Code, Heidenhain®, and APT CL

What is Edit NC


  • Edit and backplot CNC programs written using G-Codes, Heidenhain® conversational language, or APT-like CL files
  •  Powerful compare methods – text-based and graphical methods – numerous options to ignore formatting, sequence numbers, and comments.
  • Serial download and upload to machine controllers
  • Conversion between file formats change arc types, convert between G-code, conversational, CL, and DXF
  • Coordinate transformations –  translation,  rotation, scaling, and mirroring
  • Extract Program File – split a file into multiple files, each containing a single program segment
  • Merge Program – locates sub programs and merges files
  • Supports Fanuc variables, macro calls, and commands
  • Sequence number maintenance
  • Several calculators designed for CNC programmers
  • Create output using Fanuc-like macro language
  • Fast backplotting with ability to query individual moves and set break points
  • File analysis – Min/max values, cycle times, and more
  • Powerful search capability offering saved searches
  • Open Related loads related files containing notes, listings, etc.  

Features – Ease of installation, maintenance, and use


  • Great performance when editing large files  dncsend
  • Content based syntax coloring and font highlighting
  • New license agreement allows multiple copies per user
  • “View-only” mode prevents changing files
  • File locking improves integrity over a network
  • EditNC automatically identifies and adapts to CNC program type – no templates are required
  • Customizable toolbars, colors, fonts, and other items
  • Solid product – thousands installed, first Windows release in 1993
  • Runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10 


    Click here for more information on the developer website

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