Post Processors

We have been configuring posts to support SURFCAM and other CAM systems for our own customers and other resellers for decades. In fact, in some cases, we can remotely configure a SURFCAM NC Code generator for most 2- or 3-Axis CNCs in a few hours. During this process we encourage our customers to participate so they can make further refinements if they wish on their own. We can also configure even the most complex 4-, 5-, and 6-Axis CNCs for SURFCAM and Unigraphics CAM systems. We develop a formal specification, working jointly with the machine tool distributor’s technical staff and the end user to ensure complete satisfaction. We pride ourselves in the quality of our work, and the level of machine feature support we are able to achieve. For more information, contact Don McKillop at 407-327-4975 ext. 116 or email us.


  • Template driven 2~4ax Mill and Turn
  • User-configurable, template based, WYSIWUG
  • 160 templates on system CD
  • CAMCAD library templates upon request @ n/c

SURFCAM Spost or Intercim G-Post

  • APT CLfile based 2~5ax capability
  • Intercim G-Post re-packaged for Surfware
  • Dealer / Advanced user configurable


  • SURFCAM, UG NXxx, ProE, Catia
  • Targeted at hybrid machines & CNCs with unusual or difficult syntax & logic requirements
  • Today’s mill-turn machinery has up to 8 unique coordinate systems
  • Today’s CNCs require extensive modality checking on a per-register basis

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Customer Machine Controller Style Application
.decimal Mazak Variaxis MazaTrol 5ax VMC Radiation Therapy
Automatic Screw Okuma Cadet OSP 700L 2ax Turning Production Turning
Baytech Industries Haas VF8 TR160 Haas 5ax Trunnion Aircraft Parts
Brown And Co Holz-Her Router Num Power 1020 2ax MultiSpindle Wood Routing
Brown Precision Mori Seiki Fanuc 30i 5ax HMC Medical Components
Brown Precision Okuma MA400HA OSP 5ax HMC Medical Components
Chromalloy Dallas Haas VF3 TR210 Haas 5ax VMC Aircraft Engine Blades
Confluence DMS Router Fagor 8050M 5ax Gantry Kayak Molds
Cooper Lighting Haas VF3YT Haas 5ax Trunnion Industrial Lighting Prod
Crawford Comp Onsrud Router Osai 5ax Gantry Racecar Prototypes
Custom Mold Mazak QT32A Mazak T32 4ax MillTurn Electronics
Delta Airlines Quintax Fagor 8050M 5ax Gantry Aircraft Repair Parts
DMG Charlotte DMG DMU80MB iTNC 530 Conv 5ax Tilt Head Race Engine Comp
Doncasters Medical Haas VF TR160 Haas 5ax Trunion Medical Components
Dynetics Accutex Win CE 4ax Wire EDM Military Prototype Comp
Dynetics Makino A51NX 4ax HMC Military Prototype Comp
Dynetics OKK VP6000 Fanuc 160is-MB 5ax VMC Military Prototype Comp
Evans Industries DMG DMF-260 iTNC 530 Conv 5ax Tilt Head Semiconductor Mach
Exactech Mazak 250SY Fusion 5ax MillTurn Medical Components
Exactech Mits FA S Mits 4ax Wire EDM Medical Prosthesis
General Products Haas EC1600 Haas 5ax HMC General Job Shop
General Tool Co DMG DMU200P MillPlus 5ax Nutator General Job Shop
General Tool Co FPC Pragma iTNC 530 ISO 5ax Tilt Head General Job Shop
Halliburton Services Mori Seiki MT4000 Mori MSG-501TB 5ax MillTurn Oilfield Production
Howmet Castings DMG DMU-100T iTNC 530 ISO 5ax Nutator Aircraft Engine Comp
IMS Mitsui Seiki Fanuc 30i 5ax Trunnion Job Shop
IMS Mori NL3000 MSX-850 III 4ax MillTurn Job Shop
Industrial Supply Huffman WJ25 Fanuc 15M 6ax Nutator Power Generation
Lasertron LaserDyne LaserDyne 5ax Gantry Prototype Sheet Metal
MidSouth Machine KGK Millac 852V Fanuc 15M 5ax Tilt Head Aircraft Structural
Mitsubishi Power Beaumont FH406X Fanuc 160i 6ax Laser Driller Power Generation
Mitsubishi Power Monarch 5024S Fanuc 30i 5ax Tilt Head Power Generation
Orthomerica Motion Master Fanuc 15M 5ax Gantry Medical Prosthesis
PPG Aircraft Glass Northwood FA5AX Fanuc 30i 5ax Gantry  Aircraft Glass
RSJ Machining Quaser MF400C Siemens 828D 5ax VMC Job SHop
Springfield LLC Huffman WJ25 Fanuc 15M 6ax Nutator WaterJet Shop
Timna Mfg DMG DMU-70V MillPlus 5ax Nutator Table Job Shop
Turbocare DMG DMU-100MB Siemens 840D 5ax Nutator Power Generation
Turner Medical Mazak Integrex Matrix 5ax MillTurn Surgical Implants
Turner Medical Mazak Variaxis MazaTrol 5ax VMC Surgical Implants
Turner Medical Mori NMV3000 Mori MSX-711IV 5ax VMC Surgical Implants
US Navy NADEP G&L RAM 500 Numeripath 5ax HMC Aircraft Structural
US Navy NADEP Mitsui HU100A Fanuc 30i 5ax HMC Aircraft Structural
US Navy NADEP Zayer 10000U Fanuc 30i 5ax gantry Aircraft Structural
USAF Warner Rob Par Systems Par 5ax Gantry Aircraft Repair
Williams Inter Huffman WJ25 Fanuc 15M 5ax Nutator Aircraft Engine Comp
Wilson Manifolds DMG DMU-80MB iTNC 530 Conv 5ax Tilt Head Race Engine Comp
Wilson Manifolds DMG DMU-80T MillPlus 5ax Tilt Head Race Engine Comp