Contract Part Programming

We have several veteran programmers with 20+ years experience who have the expertise to tackle even the most complicated and challenging part programming assignments. In many cases we work with the client to develop tooling, fixturing, and an overall machining strategy for one-off projects.

This is a prototype engine component with 47 blades, 7 different blade patterns to minimize harmonics, very small fillet radii between blade & hub, .020″ radii on the blade trailing edges, and the whole component had to be machined out of a single billet of stainless steel.



Another customer experienced part programmer turnover due to illness. The shop was about to lose a key machining contract because they could not complete the part program in time to meet delivery dates. The part, an aircraft structural component, required multiple setups on a 5-axis mill. We were able to provide edit-free part programs on our first delivery to meet what had become a very tight delivery schedule. Know-how was as important as quick delivery to the shop. Thus, we also provided detailed explanations of each step in the programming process via a series of Internet web-conferences so the new programmer has a guide to use for his next programming assignment.

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