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Here’s how we do that:


CAMCAD customers know there is a big difference between a Post Processor and an Edit-free Post Processor, particularly on a multi-axis machine.  The difference shows up in time saved and larger profit margins!

For decades, CAMCAD has been configuring posts to support SURFCAM for our customers.  During this time, we have seen machines become more complex and demand more from the end user, and the Post Processor, to handle the complexity.  CAMCAD is so good, other SURFCAM resellers have turned to CAMCAD when their customers are looking for Edit-free Post Processors for their complex machines.

CAMCAD is capable of configuring even the most complex and challenging 4-, 5-, and 6-Axis CNCs for SURFCAM.  In addition, we can remotely configure a SURFCAM NC Code generator for most 2- or 3-Axis CNCs in just a few hours.

We encourage our customers to collaborate throughout the process to assure accuracy and continuity, and a complete understanding of the system.  As part of this process, CAMCAD develops a formal specification with the CNC machine tool distributor’s technical staff, in conjunction with the customer, to assure quality and accuracy.  This allows the customer to make future changes themselves as necessary.

For a detailed list of the Post Processors developed by CAMCAD, click here.

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  • Template driven 2~4ax Mill and Turn
  • User-configurable, template based, WYSIWUG
  • 160 templates on system CD
  • CAMCAD library templates upon request @ n/c


  • APT CLfile based 2~5 axes capability
  • Intercim G-Post re-packaged for SURFCAM
  • Dealer / Advanced user configurable


  • SURFCAM, UG NXxx, ProE, Catia
  • Today’s mill-turn machinery has up to 8 unique coordinate systems
  • Today’s CNCs require extensive modality checking on a per-register basis
  • Targeted at hybrid machines & CNCs with unusual or difficult syntax & logic requirements


CAMCAD has several highly experienced programmers with 20+ years experience with the expertise to tackle even the most difficult and challenging part programming requirements.  We work with our clients to develop the tooling, fixturing, and an overall machining strategy for one-off projects.



This is a prototype engine component with 47 blades with 7 different blade patterns to minimize harmonics, very small fillet radii between blade & hub (.020″ radii on the blade trailing edges).  In addition, the whole component had to be machined out of a single billet of stainless steel.

Another one of our customers was experiencing the loss of programmer productivity due to illness. As a result, the shop was about to lose a key machining contract because they could not complete the part program in time to meet delivery dates. The part, an aircraft structural component, required multiple setups on a 5-axis mill machine. CAMCAD was able to provide Edit-free Part Programs to meet the customer’s very tight delivery schedule. Know-how was as important as quick delivery to this customer. In addition, CAMCAD provided detailed explanations of each step in the programming process, via a series of Internet web-conferences to the new programmer to assure his full understand of the programs.